Barba Press On! News – September 2017 

Dear Praying friends,

We are now in Shorewood, IL (Chicago), assisting Pastor Nathan Barber of Shorewood Baptist, a church we helped start several years ago. Since they have had several key families move away, we are doing a “tune-up” with evangelistic outreaches, including children's clubs, neighborhood barbecues, Back to Church and Anniversary Sundays, men's and ladies' Bible studies, and weekly door-to-door canvassing. Claudia plays the piano for the services while I lead the congregation. She teaches piano lessons to the pastor's kids and I am training a new song leader (answer to prayer!).

In August, a hard-working mission team from Taylorville, IL, conducted Neighborhood Bible Clubs for a week. We met morning and afternoon in 2 different local parks and had excellent attendance with souls professing faith in Christ. God kept the weather cool and miraculously steered a storm away from our closing program, where He worked in hearts. Please pray as we follow up on decisions made to trust Christ. God has been good to recently send a couple of new young families to this church. He does bless the sowing of spiritual seed!

On Sunday night, August 27, we held a neighborhood barbecue at the home of a church member. We canvassed the neighborhood for 2 weeks, thoroughly enjoying knocking on a door and saying, “We are organizing a neighborhood barbecue with free food. Come get to know your neighbors.” Over 50 folks came, and souls have already come the Lord as a result. We are now working to visit all who attended. Please pray for the next one which is scheduled for September 26th. Fields are white!

On Sunday night I am teaching personal evangelism, including instruction from Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay. Only the Holy Spirit leads a soul to Christ, but it is joy unspeakable to be in the room to share the gospel and watch God work. I have been there several times in the last month. Nothing like it.

By the way, it recently dawned on me that some of you who faithfully read this newsletter may wonder what I am talking about when I mention souls coming to Christ, or folks being saved. I grew up in a Baptist church in the South but had no peace about eternity (statistics say that 10 out of 10 people will die) until I was 20 years old. Take 4 minutes to read my story on our website: http://www.ipresson.com/dtest.php/, and I think you will understand. I do appreciate your kind interest in receiving our newsletter.

Thanks to all for praying for God's power and protection as we canvass for special Sundays and activities coming up this fall. Go for souls!

Press on!

Dave and Claudia Barba  -  www.ipresson.com



Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.

1Thessalonians 5:24

I was 9 years old when I discovered my Dad's Kodak Duex camera in his bedroom closet. Capable of taking 16 pictures on size 620 film, it was a "miniature camera that makes album-size pictures." I shot a roll of film and had it developed at the corner drugstore. I was hooked. Though I enrolled in college to become a cinematographer, God changed my direction (and my heart). God's goodness has allowed me to remain a camera bug during all my years of ministry . . . so I will occasionally post a photo or two here for your perusal. Enjoy . . . and reflect on the Maker of all things.
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