Barba Press On! News – March 2017

Greeting faithful prayer partners,

Belize, just south of Mexico, is the former British Honduras. English is their official language, with 49% speaking Spanish. Coca Cola reigns supreme, and it is illegal to sell Pepsi. (I did not make that up.) My recent visit with missionary Dan Dinsmore and his charming family included preaching, singing, learning about the people and their gospel needs, and sleeping soundly while the compound watchdog tangled with a wildcat at 3 a.m. The dog was wounded, but won (like the Christian life?). Their home is in inland Belize, on the edge of the jungle and far from cushy, Caribbean tourist attractions.

The Dinsmores are just getting acclimated to the field and will surely be used of God. I preached in their infant English church and met some former Mennonites and a man who used to work near our house in Tennessee. Small world! The ministry is new and involved in transition work with an existing ministry. They have great vision for the future, and perhaps when they are fully settled, God will lead us to help there for an extended time.

I also enjoyed Belizean fellowship with Mark Liedtke, a veteran missionary to Hispanics with a wonderful church in Buena Vista, a village of Guatemalan immigrants. I was honored to preach for their fifth anniversary service on Sunday night. Pray for the Liedtkes who will soon return on furlough to be refreshed and tend to some medical needs. Fields are ripe--in the USA and beyond!

At the end of February, we pulled our trailer to Fenton, MO (St. Louis area) to help Pastor Tracy Nix and family with their baby church. Ambassador Baptist is now 18 months old. The honeymoon first-service joys have waned, but God has provided a wonderful church building for them. It is a leased facility, but they have had liberty to beautifully remodel it and now have 20+ folks attending. We have already enjoyed doing some door-knocking, music, and brainstorming (of course in my case the storm is more of an occasional sprinkle). Seriously, we did have a powerful hailstorm last week from a nearby tornado that killed one person. Ever been in an RV during a hailstorm?

Pray for wisdom as we spend several months assisting this new church. This can be a critical time in a church plant, and the devil will work hard to derail the train. We look forward to teaching, doing music, helping with the kids, knocking on doors, and doing absolutely anything we can to relieve the pastor and his family of their church planting burdens. St. Louis has at least 2.8 million souls--and God is not willing that any should perish!

Thanks for your faithful prayers. We appreciate you!

Press on,

Dave and Claudia


This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night...for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.
Joshua 1:8

I was 9 years old when I discovered my Dad's Kodak Duex camera in his bedroom closet. Capable of taking 16 pictures on size 620 film, it was a "miniature camera that makes album-size pictures." I shot a roll of film and had it developed at the corner drugstore. I was hooked. Though I enrolled in college to become a cinematographer, God changed my direction (and my heart). God's goodness has allowed me to remain a camera bug during all my years of ministry . . . so I will occasionally post a photo or two here for your perusal. Enjoy . . . and reflect on the Maker of all things.
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