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In spring of 2008 Claudia and I had a wonderful time helping Mike and Deena Stalnaker start Community Baptist Church in Spring Hill, TN (south of Nashville). One short year later, here is a hallelujah report. It contains encouraging info and creative ideas that may be helpful to church planters. Praise God for faithful, persevering church planters!

The Stalnakers
Church Planting in Spring Hill, Tennessee
April 2009

Dear Partners in Ministry,

It is hard for me to believe that our precious church celebrated its first anniversary on April 5th! Starting a church and going on deputation has been one of my biggest steps of faith, but also the most rewarding time of ministry that I have ever had. Over the past month, I am thankful that we were able to reach one couple through our outreach marriage seminar (Chuck and Ranay Byrd and their young son are already a blessing to our church!) What a joy it was to have 70 people attend our anniversary Sunday and 82 on Easter. What God is doing here at CBC could not have been accomplished without your prayers and support. Deena and I are humbled and appreciative of everyone’s friendship, encouragement and help this past year.

Thanks for your faithfulness!

Attendance in March: Averaged 54 per Sunday.


We recently had three couples join our church. Mosie Lister, the hymn-writer and the author of “Till the Storm Passes By,” is one of them!

Our people have such a great spirit!

We have a young man who will come this summer to serve as our church’s first intern. Please pray for Mark Sherry as he models Christ
to our people.

Mary Root, our church pianist, grew up thinking that baptism was only figurative. After hearing a message that I preached entitled, “What about Baptism?” she decided to obey the Lord in believer’s baptism. Her brother, who heard the same sermon and when he was visiting, went home and was baptized by his pastor. God’s Word is powerful when preached accurately!

Upcoming Events

June 12 – Family Fun Fest (Community Outreach)

We are looking forward to First Baptist of Troy, MI and Grace Baptist in Wilmington, NC bringing their youth group to help us with this outreach!

June 21-25 – Lessons in Life from Pilgrim’s Progress (Bradley Smith)

July 12-17 – Vacation Bible School

September – Community Bible Institute: Financial Peace University

November 15-18 – Revival with Evangelist Dave Jaspers

Recent Sermons

March sermons from 1 Thessalonians included: How to Treat God’s Men (5:12, 13); Right Relations with One Another (5:14); Practical Exhortations (5:16-22) and Praying for Sanctification (5:23).

Handouts and audio are available on our website:

Needs and Support:

We might be remodeling our current facility this December. Could you or your church consider helping us with skilled labor?

We need funds to help cover the expense of our having an intern. Would you or your church consider making a one- time donation?

We are still currently at 75%. Please pray that individuals and churches would consider helping us for the short term.

Please pray:

That our infant church will continue to grow in the Lord. Pray for freshness, wisdom and for faithfulness.

Please pray that we can continue to raise money for land!

Pray specifically for my mailman and his wife (Brandon and Rebecca) who raised their hand this past Sunday asking for prayer for their salvation.

Pray that two couples will be able to relocate here soon so that they can help us in ministry!

But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts.
1 Thessalonians 2:4

Pastor Mike Stalnakcer

E-mail:   Web site:

Outreach idea

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Dave and Claudia,

We just ran an outreach service using a quartet from my old home church. We have been running almost 60 each Sunday, but saw 86 people in service for the special day. The ladies put out finger foods for a reception afterwards. The day was a huge blessing!

Here are some of the things we did:
1. Sent an invitation (post card) to each home on the mail list.
2. Focused our door-to-door efforts on the special day for the last 4 weeks.
3. Printed 400 flyers for door to door and family invitations.
4. Printed 50 posters to be displayed at local businesses.
5. Re-invited those fringe that we lost since the first service.

The service was carefully organized and developed with purpose. The purpose was to give the gospel. This gave our people a goal and a vision. The church spent weeks praying for this one special day. We even had several unsaved family members attend. Our church was invigorated by the thought of a service directed toward salvation. I cannot communicate all that the Lord has done in our hearts with this one service.

Some have asked why I did this instead of a grand Easter Service. Most people in our area, wether they are “religious” or not, usually go to church on Easter and Christmas. We were able to establish contact with them, and hopefully double (at least) the amount of times they come to church in the spring. The hardest part is not getting them in once, but getting them to come back again. Hopefully Easter will do the hard part for us.

During our special service, I announced what I would be preaching for the next couple weeks, and invited everyone back. Right now we are in that “praying period” between Sunday’s. I will report in the next several weeks to come if/how the Lord used this special service.

Pastor Troy Budreau

Faith Baptist Church

Shelby Township – Detroit MI
Planted 2008

Opening Service follow-up

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Follow-up after Grand Opening service

Sunday night

Your big day is over. If you do not have an evening service, chill out with the family. If you have an evening service, celebrate aftewards.  Take a few minutes to thank the Lord for all who attended. Your kids need to hear Dad thanking the Father for His perfect will in the opening service. Church planting is much more than getting a church launched. It is about you, your family, and your flock getting to know God together.

Pity Parties Not Allowed

Do I hear you wishing that you had more at your opening service? Join the club. It is ok to never be quite satisfied with spiritual results. Paul wasn’t [ Bretheren, I count not myself to have apprehended (spiritually arrived) – Phil. 3:13]. God brought His number to your service.  He never cooks the books. Fact is, you will see phone-folks come to your church weeks and months from today. Anyone have any testimonies of this? E-mail me facts and blessings of opening service.

Monday morning

Clean up your Mail List by going through all of your Call-Back lists and deleting those who asked to be taken off the list.

Start a new database of visitors and include all visitor cards you collected on opening day. Send them a brief visitor’s letter in US mail. If you have their e-mail address, e-mail visitor’s letter also.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Follow-up (YES!)

Norm Whan, founder of Phone’s For You, suggests that you visit all first service attendees as soon as possible. If you have the time and manpower, I heartily concur. Have ladies bake cookies, put them inside some kind of cutesy doily bag, tie up with sweety-pie lavender or mauve ribbon (whatever), and deliver said goodies to each visitor. If you choose to sample cookies during delivery (Nehemiah did!), carefully replace ribbon back to original bow-tie configuration. Wear latex gloves to eliminate DNA evidence.  You need to have some fun now. Church planting can be tough.

Seriously, you have two goals for each cookie visit. First, get in the house. If you sense a positive reaction at the door, say,

“Mr. Bob, we sure enjoyed having you at our service yesterday! Our ladies have baked some cookies for you. May we come in for just a few minutes and visit?”

Second, share the gospel. Of course you will spend a few minutes chit-chatting, asking questions about them and their family. But keep in mind as you talk that the main thing is the main thing is the main thing – which is the gospel. You may find folks who are under conviction and ready to come to Christ. Go for souls!

Long Term Follow-up with Mail List

It may take several weeks, or months, to visit every first service attendee. When you have accomplished this, begin visiting those on your mail list who have NOT yet attended. Here is the beauty of the phone program. After making all the call-backs and making deletes, you now have a visitation list of hundreds of contacts to visit. You have contacted them seven times with two phone calls and five pieces of mail. If you visit them within six months or so, most will remember the name of your church and will be receptive at the door.

You planted your church because of your heart to fulfull the Great Commission. Go with your heart!

Press on!